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Due to his poor performance at Corinth, Van Dorn was court-martialed for neglect of duty, but he was not found guilty. When Confederate general John C.

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Pemberton arrived in Mississippi, he was promoted over Van Dorn. No longer the senior commander, Van Dorn was placed in command of cavalry in the Army of Mississippi. On May 7, , Dr. George B. While rumors had circulated that Van Dorn had engaged in such activities in the past, his friends denied the claims. Van Dorn was buried at Port Gibson, Mississippi. For additional information: Carter, Arthur B. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, Hartje, Robert George. Shea, William L.

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The battle was part of Van Dorn's campaign against Comanche raiders, in which Camp Radziminski served as his base of operations. William Y. Robert G.

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By early autumn he joined with Price and set off in pursuit of the Yankees in northern Mississippi. The results were disastrous. At Iuka on Sept. He was humiliated on Oct.

There were also persistent rumors of womanizing he had fathered three illegitimate children in Texas before the war and drunkenness. Van Dorn furiously demanded a court of inquiry, which after lengthy proceedings cleared him of all charges in November.

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Van Dorn wrote his own letter to Davis. In it he was both contrite and defiant.

Van Dorn’s Wild Ride

He was lucky Davis refused him. In early December, Lt. John S. Griffith, who commanded a cavalry brigade under Van Dorn, suggested, in a letter to Pemberton, a raid into the Union rear, and asked that Van Dorn lead it. The raiders left Grenada and headed east, away from Holly Springs, which lay to the north. A long, hard ride brought them to Houston, Miss.

Explore multimedia from the series and navigate through past posts, as well as photos and articles from the Times archive. At this point a small Union cavalry detachment discovered his presence.

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Grant immediately dispatched warnings to Union commanders across northern Mississippi. But Van Dorn had changed direction once more, and now was heading west toward Holly Springs. Robert C.

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