Guide Under Pressure and Overwhelmed: Coping with Anxiety in College

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Financial concerns

With the growing rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns being seen on campuses across the country in mind, here are some questions you can ask yourself to support your mental health while working and staying in school. School administrators recommend that students ideally work hours per week. For full-time students, this leaves them adequate time to spend in class and on assignments, while exploring interests and building relationships.

For the students responsible for their own finances or even those of their families, hours per week is often not enough. If this is the case, some options include choosing online classes that allow for greater flexibility, working with your advisors and professors to strategically schedule classes and assignments around your outside obligations, and applying for grants, scholarships, or stipends through your school or other organizations. Many of these can be found online and have relatively simple application processes.

Internships are a great opportunity to network, get experience, and learn more about your interests.

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While a paid internship that will count toward your credit hours is ideal, many internships are unpaid. You should check with your college or university, as some offer stipends for students working unpaid internships. Aside from opportunities directly related to your studies, you can still find ways to build skills in any workplace. You could focus on improving your leadership skills, time management skills, or interpersonal relationship skills.

Signs and Symptoms of College Stress

All of these add valuable experience that you can call on and refer to in your future. You can even use these skills to better manage other areas of your life right now.

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  • College is the first real taste of independence for a lot of people. This means that many of the decisions that were once made for you or built into your days are now up to you. Your basic needs- getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising-often get lost or lose priority while you're balancing work, school, and socializing.

    Ignoring your physical and mental health can have serious consequences, especially for those with a history of mental health problems. Instead of shifting away from basic healthy practices, try to find strategies to use your time most effectively. This could include learning to say no to new commitments and blocking time specifically for taking care of yourself.

    Much has been made of recent studies revealing that Millennials young people ages are America's most stressed generation.

    How to manage and reduce stress

    But younger members of Gen Y know that the pressure begins long before they're legal. With exam pressures and college admissions anxiety at an all-time high, academic stress can become a daily struggle as early as middle school. Whether it's your parents pushing you to boost your GPA, teachers criticizing you for a less-than-stellar test scores, or your own drive to get in to your first-choice college -- or some combination of the three -- academic pressure can get the best of you if you don't learn how to deal with it properly.

    Fear is a powerful motivator, but it also creates and generates tremendous amounts of stress. We chatted with Stiffelman, a psychotherapist who has helped countless teens cope with school stresses, about her best tips for cmanaging academic anxiety.

    Academic Pressure: 5 Tips From An Expert On Coping With School Stress | HuffPost

    Scroll down for five helpful ways to get through your high school years with less stress. Stiffelman emphasizes that you have to start with the basics, like sleep. Building into your day right-brain activity that lets you digest what you've been going through and process it. Those are some basic and almost biological needs we have.

    Taking time to pause from the relentless pace of everyday life and enjoy creative activities that keep you from dwelling on or stressing over school pressures can go far in decreasing your stress levels.

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    When you start stressing about not finishing your project on time, your mind builds a case for why what you believe is going to happen will happen -- and this can be paralyzing. So, when combating negative thinking patterns, Stiffelman recommends coming up with specific examples to counter the stressful thoughts.

    Under Pressure and Overwhelmed : Coping with Anxiety in College [Hardcover]

    Think instead of concrete ways that you can create the time to work on a project, and how your previous line of thinking isn't accurate. Stiffelman advises her young clients to chunk their work down into manageable, bite-sized portions that feel less overwhelming than looking at the big picture.

    Tips for Managing School Stress - ft. Study With Jess

    If you have an essay to write that's making you feel anxious, list the individual steps that lead to the destination of the essay being finished finding sources, creating an outline, writing an intro , and the task will begin to feel less daunting. No, we're not talking about being a slacker. According to Stiffelman, following the truism "Lower your goals, you'll achieve more," can help to relieve stress and boost academic success.

    Causes of Stress in College Students

    Instead of setting your goal to be getting the highest grade in the class, set a goal to feel satisfied with your performance. The importance of taking breaks and working in time to relax during your busiest and most stressful periods can't be overestimated, Stiffelman urges.