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The foreign language education includes reporting on language courses taught; types of language programs traditional, blended or immersion ; student enrollments; levels of instruction; and certifications. Download the Report. The map uses aggregated data from the comprehensive survey of US foreign language enrollments in K to display enrollments in languages other than English. To view the distribution of schools offering each individual language by state, click here.

The State Of The Language

According to its decision, the areas of compulsory use of the state language should be determined by law. Does the Law limit the use of languages of the national minorities? The law guarantees the rights of national minorities and indigenous peoples to use the languages of the respective national minorities and indigenous peoples, for pre-school and primary education, along with the state language, the language of the respective national minority of Ukraine, and the right to learn the languages of indigenous or national minorities in the institutions of general secondary education or through national cultural societies.

The peculiarities of the use of languages of national minorities and indigenous peoples will be determined by a separate law in accordance with the obligations of Ukraine pursuant to the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, which will be prepared half a year after the adoption of the Law "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language".

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The State undertakes to establish proper conditions for learning the state language for representatives of indigenous peoples, national minorities of Ukraine, foreigners and apatrides. Does the Law envisage criminal liability for ignorance of the language? The law does not prescribe any changes to the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Is it true that communication in Russian on the street will be banned and the streets will be patrolled by the language police?

The law does not apply to the sphere of private communication and religious rites. The institution of the Language Inspectors itself has been removed from the text of the Law even before the second reading — it does not exist anymore.

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But even when it was, nobody was going to patrol the streets. Inspectors needed only to decide a situation in which the rights of Ukrainian-speaking citizens are violated.

It was assumed that they can be engaged in inspection of the institution from which the complaint came from. But it is not prescribed for the inspectors to walk in the streets and listen to conversations.

State of the Nation: Nation's in a state! by Fluent Language

Is it true that the law completely prohibits the education in languages other than Ukrainian? State Name Origin. State Nickname. State Pet. State Pie. State Prairie Grass. State Reptile. State Seal.

Official State Languages

State Slogan. State Snack Food. State Soil. State Song. State Tartan.

State Theater. State Tree.

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