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Discipline of General Practice - Faculty of Medicine and Health

The evidence for pharmaceutical interventions in any chronic disease comes mostly from secondary care or tertiary care in highly selected patients for research. However, in many countries, chronic diseases are primarily treated in primary care. Since patients with chronic diseases in secondary care are often referred for their complexity, we know little about the large group of ordinary patients and their reaction on treatment in real life. This means that there is a lack of evidence regarding the treatment of the ordinary patient in primary care.

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I started my academic GPST3 training in Birmingham in and for the following two years I combined clinical and academic training. Since qualifying in , I have stayed at the same inner-city practice and continued to work at the University of Birmingham researching cardiovascular disease.

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I work full time, have started a PhD in heart failure, have a few teaching and mentoring roles, and I am also a member of the Society for Academic Primary Care executive committee. I was a swot at school — I loved school work, even homework, and was eager not to miss a day even if I was ill. I went to the University of Cambridge to study medicine, where the course was science- and research-heavy, and I was surrounded by amazing people far more clever than me, which I found both frightening and inspiring.

Being a GP, I have first-hand experience of patients with heart failure. Still, when I present my research to colleagues, audiences can start hostile. GPs have an understandable distrust of academics in ivory towers, and often throw out tricky questions.

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The tension between academic and clinical time is difficult. Most patients are interested by the idea of their doctor working at a university and often ask me about it. They understand that on days I am not in the practice they can see a colleague, and we use a buddy system to follow up cases we are worried about. Nevertheless, time management is key. Academic work can be done at any time so setting boundaries for relaxation is important.

I lead the masters module in primary care heart failure at the University of Birmingham, and I love teaching.

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I enjoy presenting my own research and discussing the relevance to real patients, but the best thing about academic general practice is the variety. I get to do statistics, see patients in their homes, contribute to team meetings, make patients better or at least try to , write papers for journals, teach, travel to conferences, work with amazing people and, best of all, try in my own small way to make things better for patients. To learn more about how we use your information, see our Privacy Policy.

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General Practice Research

In addition to research, we also facilitate research-based teaching regarding general practice. At the center research is conducted in several areas, but the main focus areas are musculoskeletal problems across the life span; the application of new technology in general practice; the use of antibiotics and chronic diseases such as diabetes, and treatment of these diseases.

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  7. Another focus area is how to ensure implementation and effective application of research results into practice. Project : Research.

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