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Represents Nikki Purvis. Present at the battle against the Nightmare forces. Her cutie mark is a film strip.

Represents Paul Morrissey. Resembles the Aaron Sparrow pony. Her cutie mark is umeboshi. She is an original character. Represents Tony Fleecs. An original character representation of artist Jenn Blake. Seen on the cover of a Pony issue levitated by Rarity on a sketch card bundled with one of the deluxe hardcover releases of The Return of Queen Chrysalis and shown in My Little Pony Art Gallery page Resembles Steela Oresdotter.

Seen toward the end of the issue when the ponies of Ponyville are rescued from the changelings. Her cutie mark is a paw print. Colorist Heather Breckel stated regarding this pony "If I remember right, that as well as a few ponies in that scene were friends of Andy's. A representation of either Deb or Fiona.

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Appears on page 1 of Friends Forever Issue 6. Her cutie mark is a smiling sun. Her cutie mark is a book. Represents Agnes Garbowska. Agnes Garbowska usually appears differently. Represents comic artist Amy Mebberson. Represents Andy Price. Andy Price usually appears differently. Represents Chuck Goodman. A participant in the battle against the Nightmare forces.

His cutie mark appears to be a set of scales inside a square. An original character of Jessie Tracer. A representation of comic writer Heather Nuhfer. Resembles Surprise and Breezie. Represents Katie Cook. Katie Cook usually appears differently. An original character of Cat Whitney. A representation of Sara Richard.

Her cutie mark is a paintbrush making a swirl. Represents Aaron Sparrow. Resembles the Paul Morrissey pony. Also in others. One of some drawings by Agnes Garbowska and her niece in Poland shows this pony. She is an original character representation of Andrea "iheartjapan". Representation of Alice Price, Andy Price's wife. Her cutie mark is a phoenix.

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An original character representation of Angela Rudell, a character created by colorist Heather Breckel. Named partly the same as Big Angie. Marigold Heavenly Nostrils. Enterplay collectible card game High Magic expansion set card C, Magic Wings, attributes to Foggy Fleece the quote "I ain't seen a unicorn stare at her own reflection that long since the Marigold incident of Aught-Five! He is an original character representation of Zachary Lobertini designed by Sabrina Alberghetti. Represents Patrick Brunet. Pedantia Pixel. An original character representation of artist Dana Simpson. Represents Sally Jacka.

Her cutie mark is a patchwork heart. Represents Seanan McGuire. Her cutie mark is a chainsaw. She is an original character representation of Raven Molisee. Her name, previously used for a G1 Earth pony mare , comes from the flower.

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Resembles " Ivy Vine ". The original character of Tara Strong , conceptualized by her and designed by Lysok. Her cutie mark is a microphone with a heart on it. Represents Thom Zahler. Appears on page 5 of Friendship is Magic Issue Her cutie mark, not shown in the comic, is two or three objects.

She is an original character representation of cover artist Mary Bellamy.

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Represents artist Cuteosphere. A pony character cameo based on Anne Shirley. Represents Katie Cook's daughter Grayson. Represents Katie Cook's daughter Harper. A representation of Agnes Garbowska's niece Julia. One of some drawings by Agnes Garbowska and her niece in Poland shows this pony thinking about something and also includes text, with an arrow pointing from one word to this pony. Appears at the Fall Formal Gala. A character in Rarity's favorite romance novel.

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Appears in Ponyville as a result of the bookworm's magic. Resembles Fabio Lanzoni.

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Has a descendant. His cutie mark is green vines. Trade Craft 's son. Seen fawning over Tempeh at the Wellness Center. Also appears on Micro-Series Issue 10 page 8. Her cutie mark is a black diamond. Andy Price has referred to her by name. A resident of Canter Creek and owner of a farm near Rancho Bronco. His cutie mark is two interlocking rings. See Buck Withers.

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The owner of a traveling Wild West show who fell in love with Cherry Jubilee and once asked her to marry him. His cutie mark is a pair of metal bull horns. Shares his name with a a bull member of the Cattle Rustler Gang. Her cutie mark is a map. The fourth of four previous owners of one of Star Swirl the Bearded 's hats. Katie Cook has identified this pony as "Can O'Beans The hobo pony of Ponyville".

His cutie mark is a whisk. Cheerilee 's twin sister and a professional wrestler known as the Mystery Mare. Resembles G3 Cherry Blossom. A friend of Cherry Blossom 's and a professional wrestler known as Iron Hock.