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In her new documentary What Is Democracy? Astra Taylor takes on the consequences of global capital, namely inequality and exclusion. The filmmaker and Occupy Wall Street activist approaches this topic, as is her wont, through grand questions: What is the good life? What is freedom? Do people want to rule themselves? The resulting narrative is nothing like a cable news debate.

All the various thinking in the film combines to a cogent, difficult argument about the troubled relationship between bounded democratic communities and unbounded global capital. To explain that through film, Taylor takes the viewer to Athens, Greece— original locus of democracy, and current home to both a financial and refugee crisis.

But to explain it here, I want to take you to Athens, Georgia.

Popular Music and Society

It was in Athens, Georgia during the s that Taylor found her own bounded community, populated by the musicians of what became known as the Elephant 6 collective , many of whom Taylor has known since her early teens. Ayers was right.

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It was not easy. I learned quickly how to defend myself.

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My dream was to be a teacher, but in those days you had to ask the government to find you a post. They also said it was because of my eyes … but I had special glasses and could see perfectly well. I am from a family of nobles. I could be a musician or I could be a delinquent, a criminal, a thief, a bandit.

I am curious as to why these were the only options. What else could I do? There was nothing else.

The Wood Brothers: Musical Democracy And Instrumental Telepathy

They tried to stop me. Keita went to Bamako, and began singing in cafes and restaurants. He taught himself to play guitar, first joining the Rail Band , entertaining guests in the hotel restaurant at the railway station, then the Ambassadors , who were based at a hotel with an international clientele.

It was just something to do while waiting to find another job. It was a surprise to be so successful.

In the s, Keita moved to Paris where he released his first album Soro, and in he was invited to join the anti-apartheid Nelson Mandela 70th birthday tribute at Wembley stadium, an event relayed to 67 countries with an audience of million. London does not appear to have made a huge impression on the singer, then or since.

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  8. He becomes more animated when asked whether he will use his retirement to become more involved in politics. French forces intervened to push them back the following year but Islamists have since regained a foothold in the north and centre, exploiting ethnic rivalries to recruit new members. We were all happy to see democracy come to Africa, but it destroyed the human sensibility. Syntax Advanced Search. About us. Editorial team. Jorge Loza-Balparda. Foro Interno. Edit this record. Mark as duplicate. Find it on Scholar.

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    John P. Miller, Education and the Soul. Toward a Spiritual Curriculum.

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