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This is what we are going to get at. The ego separates out those things and makes them different. And Jesus in the Course says that there is either love or war. Speaker: You are either at war or you are in love. So, right now I am at war and Jesus says that when I am upset, I am upset because I have given meaning to something that is not there.

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The meaning is in my mind. I am not seeing love. Love is always there if it is simultaneous and if it is perfect. If it is there and if I am not seeing it then that means that I am giving it meaning. Kill him!

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You have to see that all of that is a reflection of your mind and you have to give it a new interpretation… an interpretation that is whole. There is one idea that the world does not want to admit: I do not know the thing I am. We are going to get into that today later on. What is under that is a dread of not knowing.

You can only know who you are when you realize that it is an illusion and that knowing is abstract and not specific. You are your purpose, this abstract self. You are. And that is a knowing but knowing is knowledge. This is only an approximation of knowledge. You will rarely hear me use it. So to know and not to do, is not to know. I am aware of an intellectual idea that this is a dream. I need to train my mind to meet that idea.

But to go ahead and say that I am already at that idea, yet when I pay attention to my feelings and I am not really at peace… then that is the confusion. And confusion, again, is level confusion. All confusion is level confusion.

You just have to look at it very deeply in a new way. How do I feel right now? And then you take a look at that feeling and give that over for forgiveness. You can only release the dream, you can only truly forgive, when you see the consequence and the cause as one. But in your perception right now, you think that the cause is outside of you and you are the consequence of that cause. But that is actually a consequence! So you have to reverse effect and cause.

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You have to reverse it. Actually that is a consequence of my judgment. Not the form, but my interpretation of that form. Speaker: How I feel right now, and feelings are thoughts… its all thought… it is just a reflection of a thought, it only seems to come out through levels. Feelings seem to be a level but feeling is a thought. So you see, that is how you start unraveling it. And how do you feel when you start unraveling it? Speaker: You have to open up to that confusion and surrender to it. It is the need to know in your mind that fights it. As you surrender to confusion and keep your focus… this is where trust comes in.

Trust would settle every problem now. Just trust and surrender. The miracle does nothing. Participant 1: That loosened up my mind. When I thought about that, having a different concept of the body and the use of the body. Speaker: And that is where we start. That is not what you are hiding from. That is just a side show. You have to start going in. That is how the ego tricks the mind and you have to learn to look at them very directly.

Look at you. Speaker: And why do I believe? Because I think I know something and I am calling forth witnesses to my belief. So, I think I know what murder is. Jesus defines murder. When I am upset at a brother, I murdered him on the battle ground.

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Speaker: When he came back, his first teaching to the Jews under the law… the law taught that if you committed adultery, then you sinned. And one of his first teachings was that the thought and the deed, the thought and the action are one. If you think of lust then it is not different than the action. You just start seeing that you think you know what it is for, but we have to redefine it. The definitions are what makes the body seem solid. I use this body now for attack and the pride of keeping the image of my body, the pleasure too and the attraction to guilt that comes with it.

So, all of that is just to perpetuate guilt in my mind. I have an idea of murder in my mind. I think I know what that is. And actually I just murdered my brother with the very thought and I am repulsed now at him. Remember I said this yesterday, whenever you are upset with a brother for taking part in fantasy… that was his fantasy. You have yet to forgive yourself for the very same defense.

You have to collapse the orders of error in your mind. You will never correct with an order of error in your mind, a hierarchy. You have to allow the Holy Spirit to re-order your thoughts and he sees everything as what? Love and a call for love, right? Speaker: And love only extends. Oh, that is a sign that I am not in my right mind.

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It cannot have one thought. It is impossible for your brain to think. Jesus says that you think your brain thinks.

You are the dreamer of dreams. Speaker: In your mind, in fantasy you did. Psychologically you did murder him. It is all psychological. Whatever seems to happen with bodies coming together and things like that, it is all the same.

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