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This might sound simplistic, yet Mies was right -- architecture is the self-conscious act of building, not just with common sense but also with artistry. The famous Ziggurat, a three-tiered edifice dating back to B. There will always be debate over the origins of the art, but the first works we recognize as architecture were built from tiers of sun-baked mud bricks in what is today's southern Iraq.

Although the buildings they formed have been rebuilt over the centuries, they were so well conceived that some -- like the Ziggurat of Urnammu at Ur -- have endured for millennia. However, there is architecture and there is great architecture, and what constitutes the latter has exercised the minds of generations of critics, theorists, historians and architects themselves. This "formidably rigorous" award will be presented in November to the architects of the building considered to be"the most significant and inspirational of the year.

Heydar Aliyev Centre.

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Zaha Hadid Architects. The grand jury that makes the final decision on which building this will be is chaired by Richard Rogers, an architect famous for two 20th century 'greats', the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Lloyd's Building in the City of London.

Building greatness. Rogers and his fellow judges have strict criteria to guide them. The chosen building has to demonstrate "visionary, innovative thinking and excellence of execution, while making a generous contribution to society and to its physical context - be it the public realm, the natural environment or both," according to RIBA.

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But these architects know full well that truly great buildings -- the ones that catch our eyes, steal our hearts and send shivers up our spines -- are rare, and that while good and even special buildings may emerge in any one year, none might be truly great. Many of our ebooks are available through library electronic resources including these platforms:. Teaching Professors : To request a print examination copy for course consideration, please visit: Ingram Academic. Inspection copies are only available to verified university faculty.

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Some restrictions apply. To request an electronic inspection copy for course use consideration, please visit one of the following services to submit your digital examination request online:. Add to Cart. More about this book. One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for Chapter 1 [PDF].

Hahn turns these tools on historical structures from the Parthenon to the Hagia Sophia to St.

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Paul's Cathedral, revealing how they hold up and explaining the causes of visible contortions and cracks. More engrossingly, Hahn employs mathematics to explore how architects have conceived of buildings through the ages. In the case of Milan's cathedral, Hahn's discussion is especially rich because his maths plays out against a backdrop of detailed historical documentation, including the testimony of the German [master builder]. Hahn tends to avoid discussing some of the aesthetic versus engineering limitations in favor of explaining how things work. And in that area he can be very helpful to the experienced architecture fan and the novice as well.

The mathematical sections are well illustrated and pictures of buildings abound. No effort has been spared to make this an informative and aesthetically pleasing book.

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And the problems are fun too. Alexanderson, MAA Reviews. At once serene, majestic, intimate and surprising, I so loved the experience of being there that I had to literally take it home with me. Within the red cube is the main living area; the yellow block at right holds guest quarters. A painted steel trellis unifies the elements and shelters some of the outdoor circulation space. It is like having my own personal sculpture right outside my window.

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I see it every weekend at sunset with its pristine gardens and monumental elegance. Its juxtaposition to the busy traffic streets, surrounding billboards and office buildings is incredible. September It is hard to pick a favorite. There are so many I love.