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Joshua Cohen reads from 'Four New Messages. It was hard to tell how serious Joshua Cohen was being. He was standing between the drinks table and the bathroom at Powerhouse Arena speaking with me last night; the bookstore was hosting the launch of his latest book, a suite of novellas titled Four New Messages Graywolf Press.

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It was also hard not to agree. So you have to embrace everything as informative of your essence.

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Whether that is your writing, or yourself. That strategy seems to have worked well for Cohen.

At just 31 he is the author of seven books, including the page Witz , which earned him comparisons to Thomas Pynchon and David Foster Wallace. A neat, compact man with perfectly circular glasses and a strong, steady voice, he presents, initially, as precocious, even a bit dour. A few minutes of conversation with him quickly dispel the latter impression.

Asked to explain his impressive work ethic—Georgia Cool, the literary agent who sold Four New Messages she is now a freelance copyeditor and proofreader mentioned to hour work days. I write everything by saying it aloud.

I believe in the ear. We became more eye-and-hand-oriented, creatures crouching alone, reading off the page. The repetitions are, in my mind, linked to the idea that the Internet is conceptually vast, but you end up spending the bulk of your time visiting the same sites again and again or perhaps this is just my own practice.


As you said earlier, the Internet contains endless possibilities, and it also sort of creates more and more identities. It used to be that if you raped or killed someone, you fled to a different city, or a different country. What if the blogger who betrays him is unnecessary? Every bit as schematic too.

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With that idea, though—Kafka 2. He would have convicted himself, not in a penal way, but with embarrassment, humiliation, regret. He opened a window—not an actual window onto Creationdom, just something we call a window. An opening into a new otherness or alterity, not to make it sound any better than the depressing it was. Though it was good the motel got such good service—he was connected, stably online, for a fee. To be added to his bill. Spending so much money, so much of it not his. He was tired of unfinishing delinquent assignments, tired of rereading homework done in a rush.

Daily, often twice: www. He had to go down to the newsstand or check the mail for unmarked packages, butcher-paper-wrapped. Or by a sentiment even more Trotskyish—every revolution must revolt—implying, of course, that every generation must resolve itself, necessarily, only in failure.

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Not every generation has thought the codex will disappear. Then a walk, then a crawl. No more trashy telling like this, no more folktales. How do these immersive features change stories?

Author Joshua Cohen celebrates a new collection devoted to our virtual lives- POLITICO Media

But then as you approach Antiquity, you encounter characters described by epithets, where one quality, frequently not even a physical quality, distinguishes them, rendering them an archetype for same. High contrast.

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