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Key made it clear he was going to sell our assets and continue with his criminal activities during the last election. The fools still voted for him. I think as usual the economists are late to the party. Its been pretty clear for some months now that many economies are in dire straits.

I notice too that there seems to be a rise in interest in Keneysian solutions to our economic problems. But I fear that this is just early interest.

Italy at risk of new financial crisis in wake of coalition's collapse | World news | The Guardian

There is plenty of opposition to the things that people like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have to say. The only way this thing is going to fix itself is in a big washout. And I notice NZ is not ready to capitulate. There is very little talk of bubbles and popping in NZ, and when it is said it is greeted with derision. The thing about that kind of economic behaviour is when greed and euphoria overtake populations and create bubbles there is always only one solution.

It pops. And it creates a damn mess. And there seems to be nothing anyone ever has been able to do to stop it once the bubble has formed. I follow all the markets closely. Modern economics pretends to be a science but has none of the characteristics of real sciences like chemistry and physics. The insane nature of economics is summed up by:. GDP measures movement of money and money-printing.

It is inherent in the economic system that the economic system will collapse because the system rewards consumption, inefficiency and waste, and will keep doing so until the system does collapse.. It is also inherent in the dominant economic system that the Earth will be reduced to a barren rock. Parliament is a puppet show, geared to keeping the masses misinformed, compliant and believing in the system, as the system progressively screws everyone and everything.

The days of the masses being bought off by the toys and trinkets of consumerism are rapidly coming to an end.

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And the timing for collapse suggested by the LTG team was not far off. Pity the next generation because they are going to have to endure the dire consequences of bizarre theories being adopted and promoted by economists, politicians and bureaucrats. Keys money is most likely moved to another jurisdiction as he himself will be soon. Alex Jones loud and reasonably clear — the economic collapse is coming and we need to be prepared! Mike: Some previous neo-liberal stalwarts of free-market capitalism are now demanding that the state intervene to save capitalism from itself. Short answer — no.

Thanks neo-liberalism. Thanks corporatocracy. And thanks, John, for that brighter future you promised us. Wednesday, September 25, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. Password recovery. The Daily Blog. Home Latest Blogs. Dr Liz Gordon: The school decile debate. I believe the saying goes — low currency rate is good for exports. Some one has to rein these guys in. Jerko, excellent link,the info contained is well worth reading. What about that beautifully packaged for sale bit of corporate welfare WFF?

The Baltic Dry index, a proxy for international trade, hit an all-time low yesterday.

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Banks and drug dealers can push nothing unless they find fools. Water, fish, fruits … New Zealanders. If I may make a minor correction They did this to us because we were innocent and we trusted them are smug, lazy thinkers, always up for cheap short term electoral bribes, and so they took advantage of that for their personal wealth creation. Can we avert economic armageddon?

Just my opinion of course. There have been numerous references to economics and economists. Well, the shit is hitting the fan because we do live on a finite planet.

I support Positive Money because…

Would house prices and subsequently housing benefit costs be so high if mortgage money was not created from thin air by banks? In order to provide a platform for economic prosperity money must be controlled by a democratically accountable institution and created without any debt attached. The current system is an endless spiral towards making a minority filthy rich and the majority desolate. Such a power should only be wielded by collective and transparent processes in the pursuit of the public good.

Society cannot be democratic until the monetary system is. Hence why I support for a democratisation of currency, either virtual or not.

Unless we change our monetary system we can only continue the debasement of our currency which is a feature of the collapse of many previous great societies and empires. Unless we change our monetary system, we are unlikely to challenge the political power of private capital, that has built up since the s principally in the financial sector, and which determines government policies like austerity.

All possible with positive money, the people win. The banks are sovereign and the people are not. We give them hundreds of millions of dollars a day in interest payment and what to we get in return? Less and less benefit and more and more debt. This in turn creates a climate of crime, depression, polarisation and unhappiness. Currently, a lack of worthless money is the cause of every problem our society has. A free, effective and efficient health service for everyone is an ideal any civilised society should have. Currently, we have the ability to create medicines to treat the worst diseases, we have the ability to build advanced machines to diagnose and treat patients, we have the ability to build medical facilities in the most effective areas to treat the most people efficiently.

We have a mass of skilled, trained and willing health professionals trained in every field of care.

What is an economic collapse?

The one thing we lack, the single thing that is missing is money to pay for it all. When you realise how corrupt, how worthless our money is, this is a scandal. We owe them more money than exists in our entire economy, and they never had that money to loan in the first place.

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The only reason this is tolerated is because the public in general do not know about this. Our current system opts for the latter: Positive Money has real world ideas for how to change this situation for the benefit of us all so everyone should support the cause.

At the same time, the Federal Reserve Cartel was created in Congress voted to place into operation the Internal Revenue Service, which was designed to be the national collection agency for the Federal Reserve System so that interest obligations on the national debt could be paid. A large percentage of the total national debt of 17 trillion is owed to the Federal Reserve Bank together with other nations China , etc. Recall that prior to , the U. Where Are We Headed? Revisit the Weimer Republic and the hyperinflation that occurred in Germany from January until November Consider this: people going into a restaurant to eat would purchase the meal before eating to save the additional inflation that would accrue while they were eating.

German families watched their wealth simply evaporate as hyperinflation through fiat printing press money continued to depreciate their paper currency. In the end, a wheelbarrow full of paper currency was not sufficient to buy a loaf of bread. The Federal Reserve Bank has been pumping 85 billion called quantitative easing each month into the American economy, trying to stimulate the economy.

This looting of the national treasury under this policy has added 2. Printing press money is now flowing from the Federal Reserve System much like the Niagara River pours over the falls into a giant pit below. The American people are being suckered to fall into the pit of the greatest financial bust the world has ever witnessed. What Is a Trillion Dollars? It is really difficult to fathom the meaning of one trillion dollars. One trillion is a thousand billion, one followed by twelve zeros.

Financial Armageddon: The Corruption of Our Currency by David B. Draughon

If you laid one trillion one-dollar bills end to end, it would make a chain from the earth to the moon times. If you spent one dollar every second, you would have spent a million dollars in twelve days. At that same rate, it would take you thirty-two years to spend a billion dollars.

But it would take you more than 31, years to spend a trillion dollars.