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CAD is also extensively used in the design of tools and machinery used in the manufacture of components. Current CAD packages range from 2D vector based drafting systems to 3D parametric surface and solid design modelers.

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Computer-aided design is also starting to be used to develop software applications. Software applications share many of the same Product Life Cycle attributes as the manufacturing or electronic markets. As computer software becomes more complicated and harder to update and change, it is becoming essential to develop interactive prototypes or simulations of the software before doing any coding. The benefits of simulation before writing actual code cuts down significantly on re-work and bugs. A digital circuit is based on a number of discrete voltage levels, as distinct from an analog circuit that uses continuous voltages to represent variables directly.

In most cases the number of voltage levels is two: one near to zero volts and one at a higher level depending on the supply voltage in use. Digital circuits are the most common mechanical representation of Boolean algebra and are the basis of all digital computers.

They can also be used to process digital information without being connected up as a computer. An antenna is an electrical device designed to transmit or receive radio waves or, more generally, any electromagnetic waves. Antennas are used in systems such as radio and television broadcasting, point-to-point radio communication, radar, and space exploration.

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Antennas usually work in air or outer space, but can also be operated under water or even through soil and rock at certain frequencies. Physically, an antenna is an arrangement of conductors that generate a radiating electromagnetic field in response to an applied alternating voltage and the associated alternating electric current, or can be placed in an electromagnetic field so that the field will induce an alternating current in the antenna and a voltage between its terminals. An electromagnetic field is a physical influence a field that permeates through all of space, and which arises from electrically charged objects and describes one of the four fundamental forces of nature — electromagnetism.

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