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Attorneys and expert witnesses, while all of GA loses. The first Curtiss Hawks for the U. Navy were nine F6C-1s, direct equivalents of the Army P-1s, and were delivered late in The designation meant a fighter model F , the sixth ordered from Curtiss. The —1 identified the initial configuration. These were used mostly by the U.

Curtiss XF6C-6 Hawk

Marines from shore bases as they were not equipped for carrier operations. These led to an order for 35 outwardly identical F6C-3s. In the late s, the Navy began to phase liquid-cooled engines out of fleet service. The production —4s had improved landing gear for carrier work. The liquid-cooled models had a power and speed advantage, however, so were used for racing in the days when the services competed with civilians in the National Air Races.

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One F6C-3 was cleaned up extensively for the and races. In it was redesignated F6C-6 before being reconverted to a stock F6C This made a major reduction in drag by eliminating the lower wing and moving the upper wing aft to maintain the balance. The drag of the conventional radiator was eliminated by reverting to the old wing surface radiators of the Curtiss racers and the PW-8s. One major change that was to affect future designs was a low-drag single-leg landing gear. The development of this on a racing plane can be cited as one of the beneficial aircraft improvements brought about by the races.

It was leading the field in the Thompson Trophy Race with a lap speed of mph when the pilot, Marine Corps Capt. Arthur Page, was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes and crashed. The Navy carried on with the Hawk as a biplane fighter, but there were so many changes in the next version that it got a new model number, F11C. There were two prototypes, XF11C-1 and —2.

The last F11C-2 was held at the factory for completion as the XF11C-3, which featured a retractable landing gear similar to that recently introduced by Grumman. The 27 production versions were BF2C This model was very troublesome and was withdrawn from service in A few obsolete Army P-6Es carried on into The export models pretty well matched the U.

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Export equivalents were marketed as Hawk II. In spite of all the changes to the fuselage, the wings and tail of the Hawk remained essentially as built in Its potential mph speed was never proven. It crashed during the Thompson Trophy Race. Notable difference from the others was the enclosed cockpit.

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Curtiss F6C-3 Hawk. [photograph]

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