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The killer chooses a woman as his target using their initials as a guide. The woman is always alone in her car. Most of the time he shoots out a tire causing the woman to drive off the road.

He then drives by, stops, and offers his assistance. Unfortunately, the car has broken down in an area when there is no cell phone access. He takes her to his nearby home until someone can be notified to come and repair or tow the automobile. When he decides his captive should die, he takes her nude body to the forest in the Bitterroot Mountains, gags her, ties her to the tree, attaches a note with the woman's initials above her head, and leaves her there.

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For Regan and Selena the case has more questions than answers. How does he know a woman with just the initials he needs will be on that particular stretch of the road at that particular time?

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What do the initials stand for? Is this some kind of a clue? Book 1. Left To Die by Lisa Jackson.

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Nothing's More Terrifying. One by one, the vic… More. Want to Read.

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    Detective Regan Pescoli has w… More. Shelve Chosen To Die. Book 3.

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    Born To Die by Lisa Jackson. A sad, strange coincidence. Shelve Born To Die. Book 4.

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    Afraid To Die by Lisa Jackson. Shelve Afraid To Die. Book 5. Ready to Die by Lisa Jackson. Nothing His blood quickens as he stares at the pho… More.