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Over the years the island was administered variously from Crete until , the P? By March , the Morea had been pacified by the Ottomans. Venice's determination to hold on to its coastal possessions, however, meant that the Ottomans were able to establish firm control only with the campaigns of Sultan Bayezid II between and Venice managed to retain Nauplion and Monemvasia until , but after that the Morea remained in Ottoman hands until Under the Byzantines and Ottomans, large numbers of Albanian immigrants widely settled there, in areas such as the Methana peninsula Hamish Forbes's topic in Chap.

Soon after Venice lost Iraklion to the Ottomans in , a crusade of the so-called Holy League, an alliance of Venice, Austria, and Poland, was launched under the auspices of the pope. The Venetians, with support from German mercenaries, Maltese forces of the Knights Hospitallers, Slavs, papal troops, and recruits from Tuscany, opened an offensive aimed at recapturing Crete.

The project failed in that objective but did result in the total conquest of the Morea between and This content downloaded from In , a Venetian naval offensive captured the island of Lefkas the port of Preveza in Aitolia. In , Koroni, Kalamata, and fortre in Mani were taken. In , Pylos, Methoni, Argos, and Nauplion w gained, and the conquest of the Morea, except for Monemvasia, was c pleted the following year with the addition of Patras and Corinth. Venic then set out to organize the administration of its new province. Asp of its rule there in the late 17th and early 18th centuries are discussed b Alexis Malliaris in Chapter 5, by Timothy E.

Gregory in Chapter 9, by John Bennet in Chapter Venice's rights to this Regno di Morea Kingdom of the Morea we recognized in under the terms of the Treaty of Karlowitz. Ven continued to rule the Morea until , when the Ottomans regaine in its entirety in a brief but bloody campaign. The Morea then rema firmly in Ottoman hands until , when the rebellion began that led t its incorporation into the modern Greek state.

Italian merchants gained power on Cyprus, and in the 15th century the island became the property of Venice after one of its noblewomen, Caterina Corner, married the Lusignan king. The island was taken by the Ottomans in , and was held until Great Britain obtained control of it in through an agreement with the sultan. In Chapter 7, Michael Given dis cusses the effects of Frankish, Venetian, and Ottoman administrations on patterns of settlement on the island. Therefore we close this chapter by highlighting some references as good starting points concern ing the history of the period. Further specific regional bibliography can be found in each chapter, and should be read in conjunction with relevant works mentioned in the Introduction.

With regard to the borders of the Ottoman Empire and the extent of Venetian possessions in the Aegean, see Pitcher ; concerning eco nomic and political treaties between the two empires, see Theunissen Thiriet tells the story of the development of the Venetian Empire up to Shaw and Shaw is an important source for the history of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, and Hammer-Purgstall remains indispensable.

Gregory provides a very readable account in English of the interaction between the Ottomans and the Byzantines; for surveys of the history of post-Byzantine Greece see, in particular, Finlay , Vakalopoulos , and Zakythinos Miller is still the best description of the complicated history of Western colonization in the This content downloaded from Lock is an important supplement that is attentive to material culture as well as documentary evidence. Jacoby is useful on the transition from Byzantine to Latin rule, and Balard provides a comprehensive bibliography of recent scholarship on the Latin East.

On the incorporation of Ottoman territories into the modern Greek state in the 19th and 20th centuries, see Gallant With respect to Ottoman and Venetian rule in particular parts of the Aegean and Cyprus, there is now a wealth of good resources. Cyprus, the Franks andHammer-Purgstall, J. Balard, M. Eastern Mediterranean after , C.

Maltezou, Venice, pp. Arbel, B. Hamilton, and Balta, E. Jacoby, London, pp.

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Orient, Cambridge. Greene, M. O Oeojio?

BeveTO Gregory, T. A History of the KpaTia?

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Development of a Category of "EOvod? Ploumidis, G. Oriental Studies 1, pp. Posted Zakythinos, D. The Making of Shaw, S. Independence, trans.

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Johnstone, Modern Turkey, Cambridge. Thiriet, E La Romanie v? Slot, B. Archipelagus turbatus: au Moyen Age: Le d? Bennet, and J. Les Cyclades entre colonisation latine l'exploitation du domaine colonial A Historical and Economic et occupation ottomane c.

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Geography of Ottoman Greece: The 2 vols. Vakalopoulos, A. Kpana, AaTivoKpar? Related Papers.

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