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Be the first to write a review. Share This eBook:. Add to Wishlist. Instant Download. Description eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Stephanie Laurens eBooks See All. Cynsters: The Beginning Cynster Novels 1, 2, and 3. Temptation and Surrender Cynster Novels. The Taste of Innocence Cynster Novels. What Price Love? Cynster Novels. The Ideal Bride Cynster Novels. The Perfect Lover Cynster Novels. On a Wicked Dawn Cynster Novels. On a Wild Night Cynster Novels. Mastered By Love Bastion Club. The Edge of Desire Bastion Club.

Beyond Seduction Bastion Club. All About Passion Cynster Novels. To Distraction Bastion Club.

All About Love Cynster Novels. A Fine Passion Bastion Club.

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A Secret Love Cynster Novels. A Rogue's Proposal Cynster Novels. Impetuous Innocent Regency Tangled : Book 3. A Gentleman's Honor Bastion Club. Oh well, can't win them all Loved this book very much. I have all of Stephanie Laurens books. The first one I read was Devil Cynster's story and I bought all of hers since. This particular was is a favorite. I liked it because Antonia didn't succumb to Phillip's wishes and made her own way in many things.

She and Phillip were friends from long ago and their relationship turned into a true love story. Loved the brother Geoffrey. His character was great along with his three friends who were his age in the story and their pli Loved this book very much. His character was great along with his three friends who were his age in the story and their plight. Not as much sex as some of her books and I liked that. I was in the middle with this book.

I liked the plot. It was a great story.

Could You? Would You?

I just didn't like the way it was written. There were several areas that I was completely lost as to what was going on. I had to read it several times. It was too frustrating but yet I wanted to keep reading because I wanted to find out what was going to happen to the characters. Again great story, great characters but crappy writing. I would have finished it sooner if I didn't have to stop so many times to reread passag I was in the middle with this book. I would have finished it sooner if I didn't have to stop so many times to reread passages.

I love Ms Lauren's books. In this one, the heroine doesn't expect much.

The Good Wife

She has loved Phillip since she was a child and thinks she will make him a comfortable steadfast wife. Thinking he thinks of her as a sister, she accepts his stepmother's invitation to stay with them a while, never dreaming things will be Oh, so different! There is also a sub plot here in which two lovers beg help in getting married. Well written for regency lovers.

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Interesting twist on the old friends who fall in love, in that the woman plans to marry the hero even though she doesn't love him, and he falls in love with her first. I like the hero, because he was willing to let her find her place in society before they got married, even though that was a risk as he didn't know she loved him at the time. The hero and heroine are mostly likeable, and the ways they spark against each other are very fun to read.

The cast of secondary characters is colourful and balanced -- and Laurens' admiration of Heyer really comes through in that with them, she's basically taken a bunch of Heyer's stock characters and freshened them a bit. I'll call it homage and enjoy it. The first two thirds of the story are very slow-paced. Must read Another great book written by Stephanie Laurens.

I always look forward to reading her books when they are published.

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I enjoy how she will write about a character that you met in another book. Sure I've read this before, but rereading because her books are always enjoyable and it popped up in some other context so I thought why not? No where near a good as the rest. I find Luarens's blend of regency romance and erotica delightful. This is yet another of her relaxing, bedtime reads. If only real life heros were as dashing ; Overall, I found the characters strong, but not overly so.

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I liked the heroine. She was well done. I enjoyed this novel but it wasn't one of Laurens best. Philip and Atonia were excellent characters, the plot was simply a bit lack lustre.

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I'd still read the rest of her novels though, I think it just wasn't the time to read this book. With the cover and reviews on the back I was hoping for something very Heyer-esque. Mostly it hit the mark but there were a few too many heaving bosoms to really be what I was hoping for. No violence, a bit of swearing, sex and makeout scenes. I'm not real into Regency romances so I'm not surprised I wasn't too into it.